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Audio, video and text on this website is likely to provoke the stimulation of painful and/or difficult memories. Subject matter may well consist of, but not be limited to topics involving race, sex, gender, money, brutality, inequality, violence, torture, economics, science, theory, humour, logic, nuts, lactose, housing, bullying, clowns, depression, despair, disease, pestilence, war, famine and death.

If Any Of These Topics Make You Uneasy. Please Leave Immediately.


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Get Fawked The Podcast Studio UK

Get T'Kettle On... Get T'Podcast On... Get Thee Fawked!

The Official Website of the Yorkshire UK podcasting team known as Get Fawked. The Get Fawked Podcast Website. With news, videos, audio, and more.

The Official Home Page Of The Get Fawked Podcast.

That's Right... The Universally Infamous Get Fawked Podcast.

Recorded Live By (Mostly) Living People.

From Yorkshire UK To The Universe.
Get Fawked deals with the most light hearted and fluffy cloud like notions of topical debate, to the cold, dark, harsh realities of discourse, the kind that leave you crying in the corner for your parent/guardian to come and pick up the pieces of your consciousness.

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