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Audio, video and text on this website is likely to provoke the stimulation of painful and/or difficult memories. Subject matter may well consist of, but not be limited to topics involving race, sex, gender, money, brutality, inequality, violence, torture, economics, science, theory, humour, logic, nuts, lactose, housing, bullying, clowns, depression, despair, disease, pestilence, war, famine and death.


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Audio By Get Fawked.

Snippets and classic cuts of material fit for audio only.

Audio from the Get Fawked Podcast Team. Snippets and clips of audio only that may be unsuitable for the podcast page.

One of the United Kingdom's leading podcasts.

The Get Fawked Team pull no punches with their hard hitting style.

Podcast subject matter is wide and varied as these self confessed narcissistic idiots discuss topics new and ancient.

From the bowels of Yorkshire, England comes one of the most exciting and bewildering enterprises of a generation.
No stone is left unturned, no corner left in the shade, and no sense made of anything.

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